Who We Are

The Joy Town Community Development Foundation (JTCDF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which was founded by Major Richard Cooke and Pastor Bobby Wilmot in 2001. It is incorporated for the specific purpose of aiding community development in Trench Town and its environs. The organization is energized by prayer to bring about positive attitudes of hope, joy and peace in the community.



1989 – It all began in 1989 when Peter Morgan and members of the Covenant Community Church started to pray for Trench Town.

1991 – The Joy Town Covenant Community Church was established in 1991 by Pastor Bobby Wilmot, Major Richard Cooke.

1994 – The Joy Town Learning Centre (Basic School) established in 1994 by Pastor Bobby Wilmot along with Jennifer Wilmot, Lionel Nugent & Lorna Stanley.

2001 – The Joy Town Community Development Foundation led
by Major Richard Cooke under the direction of a 15 member
multi-ministry board registered for the purpose of effecting
the Church’s social and community development programmes.

Board of Directors

Leon Headley Chairman of the Board
Claudette Cooke PR & HR
Richard Cooke President – Planning, Development & Proposal Writing
Bobby Wilmot Community Relations & Evangelism
Charmaine Rowe Community Member
C B Peter Morgan Original Visionary
E Campbell Secretary/Treasurer


The Joy Town Team

In order to fulfil our mission and realise the vision of a transformed community, the JTCDF needs a team which understands its purpose.