Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives

  1. To facilitate and provide quality education and training for the community of Trench Town.
  2. To promote healthy life styles and reduce at risk behaviours in youth in Trench Town
  3. To support and facilitate economic endeavors in Trench Town
  4. To operate two centres of excellence providing child health services, adoloscent-friendly programmes and development of youth and community members in the performing arts
  5. To reduce violence in Trench Town and strengthen Trench Town Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) and the community’s capacity to problem solve.
  6. To make JTCDF sustainable through institutional strengthening – embed comprehensive administrative, project and evaluation systems and procedures.

Value Statements

  1. JTCDF will apply a participatory and community driven approach to all areas of its work or interventions in a non-judgemental and non-discriminatory context.
  2. JTCDF will employ Bible-based principles and operate in an ethical and respectful manner in all its undertakings.
  3. JTCDF will operate in the spirit of excellence, results-oriented and in a pragmatic and timely manner.
  4. JTCDF will operate within a transparent and accountable framework taking into account the legislative and policy frameworks externally and internally.


In order to fulfill our mission and realise the vision of a transformed community, the JTCDF has recognised four major thematic areas which must be addressed simultaneously in order for anyone of them to be successfully dealt with.

There has to be a poverty alleviation strategy initially through financial assistance, strongly supported by initiatives to stimulate sustainable economic activity.  Concomitantly, measures must be taken to significantly improve existing education offerings and provide new and appropriate opportunities.   A critical component supplementary to any education and training is a healthy lifestyle and life skills programme, inculcating wholesome values and attitudes and promoting effective parenting skills.  There can be no sustainable interventions in any of the inner-city communities without an effective strategy for significant violence reduction leading to sustainable violence prevention.

The JTCDF recognises that it will require the collaboration of most if not all of the government agencies, community-based organisations, non-governmental organisations and other stake holders in Trench Town to successfully address all four thematic areas, at once.  Collaboration and also the facilitation of service entities enabling them to effectively bring their services to the community will, therefore, be a major part of the JTCDF’s agenda.

Because of the long term nature of the mission, the Foundation will institute programmes appropriate for each stage of the process, but when at all possible, these programmes will be executed as a series of discrete but inter-linked projects.

The specific programmes to be executed by the JTCDF, in keeping with its strategic approach and objectives, are:

  1. Coalition for Success Youth Club, which brings youth clubs from the community together and trains them in healthy lifestyles and life skills. Additional, mentorship and support groups are provided for you through the club.
  2. Good parenting seminars, counselling and mediation and resource centre. 
  3. Leadership and Development for Men at Risk (LADMAR).
  4. Violence prevention activities within and between housing schemes.  Collaboration with PMI and Kingston West Police Division on violence reduction interventions and measures.
  5. Home Work Centre for students from the GSAT level to CSEC and CAPE level. This program provides assistance with home work, projects and offers extra work for students without home work.
  6. Adult Remedial Education which provides adults with foundational knowledge of Mathematics and English.
  7. Sponsorship for Trench Town residents seeking to attend the St Andrew Technical High School’s evening school.