Vision & Mission












To help transform the communities of Trench Town into peaceful, productive, law-abiding and God-fearing ones through community development, education and training, promotion of economic activity and healthy life styles, a model reproducible in other communities across the City and the Island.


Summary: To help transform Trench Town into a prosperous community through education and training.


  1. Each person is created with the potential for greatness and under the direction and fear of God each person can become a contributor to the overall well-being of heir community.
  2. Men are not changed from the outside in but rather from the inside out. Community development cannot therefore be truly successful and sustainable without addressing man’s fallen nature, character development and guiding the development of a world view properly constructed on the basis of man’s origin and purpose.
  3. To produce people who are taught to be productive, developing self-respect and interdependence, in a place of dependence, mendicancy and self-destructive tendencies.
  4. With a little help and guidance people are the ones best suited to solving their own problems and building their communities. We seek to empower individuals and the community.
  5. We are willing to partner with, facilitate and/or strengthen other agencies, ministries, churches and individuals working for the good of the community. There is greater effectiveness and strength in cooperation and unity.
  6. Though our focus is local to Trench Town we think and network and are willing to act globally.