Leadership & Development for Men at Risk

The Foundation also works with the Peace Management Initiative (PMI) to mediate conflicts in the community including those faced by the gun men. We also continue to keep the PMI informed as it concerns what is happening on the ground. The aim of the LADMAR Programme is to facilitate a process of self-esteem building, career development and adoption of positive (healthy) lifestyles for gang-affiliated young men, helping them to understand their purpose and their role in the community thus fostering the will to adopt a different lifestyle. There are 20 men in the programme who are former members of the “Fatherless crew” gang in Trench Town as well as another 20 from the summer camps.

The programme was initially funded by the World Bank and in September 2010, the organization had hosted a retreat for these men where they were received career guidance and were taught conflict resolution, self -esteem building and understanding manhood. Ideally the organization links these men to different programmes such as Youth Upliftment Through Employment, Heart Trust NTA and Repositioning Adult Through Education (RAE). The men become involved in resume writing and Personal Development helping them to develop the right habits for a purposeful life.