Special Projects

The Joy Town Performing Arts Society in Trench Town will be the performing arm of the Coalition for Success Youth Club.  The Poetry art Society will be a society through which the youths can express themselves through poetry and the dramatic arts, share their poetry and critique each other’s work, involved in team poetry building exercises and interview guest poets.

  • The society aims to develop the writing, dramatic or acting skills of each poet through the synthesis of poetry and theatre.
  • The society will also develop a repertoire of poetry on various social issues for special events.
  • Develop a social intervention poetry DVD on various issues that would spark behavior change within the community
  • Identify opportunities for exposure for each poet:
  • JCDC festival
  • Red Bones Café poetry night
  • Poetry Society at Edna Manley
  • Talawah
    Only in its nascent stages, the Poetry Society has so far entered one member of the Youth Coalition Club (Renard Anderson) for the JCDC Speech competition.

Community Assistance:

  • Back to school assistance, assistance with Textbooks, shoes, bags etc.
  • Assisting families with weekly expenditures
  • Assisting community members with Medical expenses
  • Assisting community members with miscellaneous expenses for example transportation for a job interview or registration for a programme or school